Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

I haven't had a chance to really think about what I want from the year 2008. I just got home from Minnesota last night and my sons' birthday is this weekend. I'm hoping to get some time to really focus on what my artistic goals are (and life goals in general). 2007 was not a great year. At least the end of it. i'm hoping 2008 will be on the upswing again.

I'm sure my next posts will have pictures of a SpongeBob Cake, as that is what my 6 year old has requested.

I have been drawing goddesses lately. They always include spirals. I didn't even know the significance of spirals until my MIL told me they represent the grouse in Native American culture. And, also birth and rebirth. Isn't that strangely coincidental? I think the goddesses are to give me a sense of myself. Still working on why they are in my drawings at this time. Here are a few:

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