Monday, March 30, 2009

Collage Mania-more

I received so much positive feedback on my last post. Thanks to everyone who to took the time to look and comment!

I did go ahead and send these in to Collage Mania so they will be available for purchase very soon. If you don't know about Collage Mania, it is part of a fabulous fundraiser put together by Virginia Spiegel. This is the last year and the hope is to hit the $200,000 mark. The funds go to the American Cancer Society. First day of the sale is May 5th.

I thought I'd tell you a bit about the pieces below. The ones with the my original ink drawings include watercolor paper, tissue paper, acrylic paint, alcohol ink, watercolor pencils and pastels and thread. I donated one of them in honor of Eugenia Calle, my friend who worked for the American Cancer Society for 20 years, a prominent epidemiologist in cancer research. She was murdered in February. I donated another in honor Carmen Rodriguez, another prominent cancer epidemiologist who worked at the American Cancer Society for much of her life. She lost her life to adrenal cancer last fall.

Two of the fabric pieces started with monoprinted fabrics as the background. The small pieces of fabric are a combination of painted fabrics and commercial fabrics. Another started with a screened tree background from a photograph. It's hard to see as I decided the orientation was landscape which puts the tree in the background on it's side.

I'll post more details about Collage Mania as it approaches. Preview day is April 29!

I also sent in one other piece; photo is above.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Collage Mania

These are the pieces I've been working on for Collage Mania. These are not the final photos as they are not mounted to 8 x 10 yet, and these are scans not photos. So, the color is a little off and they just don't look quite right. I'm struggling a bit with confidence and not sure I'm in love with these. Maybe the orientation is wrong on some of them. Or maybe it is basic design problems? Or they aren't done? Or they are over done? What do you think?

All artists struggle at times with confidence and maybe with every piece. What are your current struggles with your art?

Monday, March 23, 2009

She Looks So Innocent

I added a new mixed media canvas item to my Etsy shop today. She started as a mixed media background that was my example that I made during one of my Creativity Parties. I added the little girl with my favorite medium, watersoluble wax pastels. I think she turned out really cute. She has a high gloss varnish that doesn't show well in the photos (can see it a little bit as a glare in the first photo), but I think really adds to the piece.

How have you been creative today? Remember, we are all creative. You just have to decide that you are willing to play!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Creativity Party Projects

Here are a few of the samples I have made for my Creativity Parties. These are for the creative offerings including needle-felted art canvas, mixed media canvas and storyboard canvas (one with a photo of little 'ol me). The heart piece was inspired by an article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors about a year ago. This is the piece my last party used as a jumping off place for their artwork.

I finished! Submission ready, QUEEN BEE

I actually completed something, not the night before, not two days before, but THREE days before the deadline. Well, okay, it is a receive by deadline so I really needed to get it done today. For once though I won't be paying mega fees just to get it there on time.

I submitted this little lady to Focus on Fiber II, Small Art Quilts. Maybe she will bring me luck and make it into the exhibition.

Enjoy your day! Mine is going pretty good right now!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun with Creativity Party

I had a great time having a creativity party at my sister Mimi's house on Thursday night. We did some creative relaxation exercises and then jumped right into a mixed-media project. Everyone had fun playing with paints and mediums and then adding ephemera from my collection. Above is my step sister Candi having fun with her piece.

Here is my Mom's piece. We all thought it was funny she had a margarita glass to go with "Home Sweet Home". She added a "C" and an "N" for Carole (her name) and Nate (my step Dad). She didn't remember ever having painted. Pretty great results for a first time piece of art, huh?

Here is a photo of Becky's art piece in progress. I think it turned out great! And, Mimi's was great too!!! Most importantly they all seemed to have fun and let their inner children out to play.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Today's Doodle

Just a whimsical little drawing. Top is cut off a bit (her leaf head). Thinking she needs some other fruity friends. Hee-Hee.

The smudges are because I got paint on my scanner from another day. Have to clean that off today.

Why not try drawing your own fruity friends today?