Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunprinting Class a Blast!!!

I had so much fun in my class with the participants yesterday! We had a cloudy day so we had to wait a bit for our images to print but almost all of the pieces were a success. As usual, I was inspired and learned a few things from my students, one of the perks of teaching. And, as usual, I forgot to bring a camera to class and ask if I could take any pictures of their work to post. Hopefully they will send me some (hint, hint).

A couple of the masking items I brought along that were a lot of fun were some paper letters (made on full sheets of paper, just punch them out) that I found in the scrapbooking paper aisle in a department store and sequin waste. Both worked really well! I ordered the sequin waste from SkyBluePink. They have some really fun items! One of the students used safety pins for her masking item. I thought it made a great fun print, especially for quilters! What quilter wouldn't love a safety pin printed fabric!

Well, I'm not ready for church so I better run! I'm making Oobleck this morning with the children (Dr. Suess story. If you've never done it, it's really easy and fun activity for kids. It is simply cornstarch and water. Makes a big fun gooey blob. Look online for recipes and ideas.

See ya!


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