Thursday, June 12, 2008

Now I'm really back! Warning/Disclaimer--nude art

Woohoo!! So I had partial capabilities back for a few days and then my husband took my computer over to fix it correctly. So I was without email, internet or anything computer related for about 5 days. Wow, talk about withdrawal! But, it was also really nice. I found I had more time (duh!). Same as when I don't turn the television on (for me, not the kids, ha-ha).

Anyway, now I'm back and can work my way through my 200+ emails (not counting the Yahoo groups or Quiltart email list!).

I'm not quite in the mood to sit and scan lots of my drawings or take photos, so I've just scanned a few for now. Here are two of my donations to Brazenly Radiant Art, pen and ink/watercolor drawings on 9 x 12 Bristol paper. The first two are for a fundraiser through Fiber on a Whim which will donate all proceeds to Breast Cancer Research. The deadline for donations is June 15th. Purchases can be made via email bids starting 10 am June 16th. You can view the full gallery on their webpage on the 15th or 16th. You can also read about it on their blog. The third image is just a little birdy, ink and watercolor on watercolor canvas.

I'll also be donating some work on canvas that I think will be included in a separate sale for this fundraiser at a later date.

Oh, and Tuesday evening I attended our monthly meeting of Fiber Art Fusion. It was wonderful! All of us presented our contributions to our upcoming show at The Art Place in Marietta. I don't recall the dates but it is late July/early August. The work (and the stories behind them) were so inspiring! So, I hope lots of you can make it to see the show!

Happy creating! I'm teaching Sunprinting on Saturday at Fiber on a Whim and there are still a few spots left!!! :) I'm heading out to the pool with the kids and then hopefully there will still be some sun and time to do some experimenting with different paints for sunprinting this afternoon and tomorrow (with the kids).

Be sure and make time to play!!!



Tanguera said...

Love, love, love your mermaid.

Jules said...

I love both the mermaid and the bird. Awesome work!