Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Working in a Series

I finally have a series! Yes, I work with similar colors and similar imagery very often. But, this time I actually created works all at the same time (well, started them at the same time). It feels really good to have work like this. I'm not exactly sure why just yet.

The pieces are the only ones I was really satisfied with after playing around so much on my retreat. It took several tries but I finally got the hang of a monoprinting technique, or more like a collograph, printing on fabric that I like. I placed objects on a piece of plexiglass to add texture and dimension and then added acrylic paint. I then laid fabric on top to make a print of the image. I then repainted it several times, sometimes moving the objects and sometimes leaving them in place and printed new pieces on fabric each time. I'm now adding stitching. I've completed two. Here is a photo of one. Well, actually, I'm not sure it's done. I'm liking the minimal stitching on them and trying to resist the urge to over do it. I often feel like I take things too far and end up ruining them. But, maybe it needs more. Hhhm. I was listening to NPR the other day and they were interviewing a writer (of course I don't remember who) and discussing how books, or the written word, is a living thing, always changing. For example, they mentioned a famous writer writing 39 different endings to one of his books (before publishing) and then after publication, that it changed again many times with each edition. I wish we had that option with artwork sometimes. Of course, as long as it is in my possession I can change it anytime I think it is needed, even if I thought it was complete before and had made it over a year ago. But, once it leaves my hands, that's it.

This piece is on cotton canvas and has acrylic paint, colored pencil, cotton embroidery floss and painted lutradur. What do you think? Finished? Or not?

The other is being donated to Collage Mania II.

Thanks for looking! What are you doing to feed your creative soul today?


Lora Martin said...

I think it is done. It is complex and simple at the same time. Will we see photos of the other two?

I relate what you are saying about going too far. I really like looking at art that is very complex with lots of detail, but my own work tends to be simple and trying to force it towards that level of complexity that I admire rarely works.

Martha Marshall said...

I really love it the way it is. Interesting . . . today I cut up some small pieces of unprimed canvas that I happened to have around, and right at the moment they are sopping wet with liquid acrylics and water. I can't wait for them to dry to do the next thing . . . whatever that is!

Hellenne Vermillion said...

Nice direction you're going in Heidi. Just do it for yourself, not for others, and it'll come out amazing like your other pieces I've seen in "person."
Hellenne, proud owner of one of Heidi's works.

Birds of a Feather said...

Lovely colour pallette. It's done!

Anne Marie

Birds of a Feather said...

Lovely colour pallette. It's done!

Anne Marie