Sunday, April 13, 2008

Computer Art

Well, I've mostly settled back into my life. It is so strange to be back in the real world after having a week of no real responsibilities. But, the strangest part is to go from an environment where everyone around you is being creative and is not only not judging or criticizing that you are spending so much time on art but are totally just as enthusiastic as you are. It is total unconditional acceptance, which I guess I don't get enough of in my life. And, it is very rare to have so many people so interested in what you are doing and really GET IT. YOu know what I mean. That is what I miss the most. It's like a little private club and you get glimpses of it when you are around other artist friends, but to be in that environment 24/7 was simply a gift I will treasure forever.

So, I've been stitching like crazy on one of the pieces I worked on at the retreat. It's not new, I painted it over a year ago. I thought it was a flop, mostly turned out kind of a brownish green. BUt, I added lots of colored pencil while in Florida and am now stitching with beautiful embroidery threads. Hopefully it will turn into something I'm satisfied with. For now, I find the stitching completely enthralling and soothing.

I've been playing around with my Corel Draw program a bit the last couple of days (procrastinating other things of course). And, here is one of my drawings after many steps in editing. I think it looks really cool and would make a great fabric art piece. So be watching, this one may reappear. Feedback/critique always appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this piece. It is sooooo cool!!! You know I love you unconditionally and I have a room for you to create your art in ANYTIME! Mimi