Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Classes Are Coming!

Today has been a good day so far. It started with me getting my son on the bus and then going back to bed (bad habit, staying up too late). Then heading out later to pick up my daughter at the Chattahoochee Nature Center (she takes a nature class with Dad a couple of times a month on Wednesdays). Well, today I decided that she and I should hang around for awhile. We took a walk through all of the plants and learned many things about birds. Turns out Wednesday is the day that homeschooled students are at the center to act as educators about the birds! It was really fun watching the 10-12 year olds give me their speeches about the birds. They were really impressive! From there we went to Borders and read lots of books and magazines. I'd have just enough time to flip through a book or magazine in between Maggie picking out the next Dora or Elmo book for me to read. And, now we are home, ready to head to the bus-stop and then out for gymnastics for the kids. Where I can simultanesouly watch and look through more fun books or work on some stitching.

I've been working on class material for some more classes I'll be teaching and thought I'd share some thoughts on my art teaching experiences so far.

Teaching at Fiber on a Whim in Sandy Springs has gotten off to a really great start. I knew that I liked teaching but now I know that I REALLY, REALLY like it!! It feels almost like a sin to be paid for teaching art, almost. ;)

In April I taught Wet Felted Vessels and the participants made a small pouch (cell phone size) and a bowl. They were worn out from the physicality of the class after 3 hours but all seemed to have a ton of fun.

I also taught Watercolor Crayons on Fabric in April and this class was even more fun. There were a wide variety of comfort levels on using the crayons but by the end of the class all seemed to have fun playing and seeing how wonderful these little jewels can be.

Both classes filled up with waiting lists so the same ones are boing offered again. So if you missed them the first time, now is your opportunity!

Friday, June 13th, Wet Felted Vessels 10-1
Friday, June 27th, Watercolor Crayons on Fabric 10-1

Here is an email quote from a participant in my watercolor class: "This is ... as close to having fun as I can remember doing in my life." I couldn't have asked for a better compliment. I of course want to teach the materials and help students gain some skills and confidence, but giving someone a day of fun, permission to play and also to see themselves as a creative being are my ultimate wish.

To register for classes or for more details go to the Fiber on a Whim page:

And be watching for even more classes!! Sometime this summer or into the fall, I will be teaching Sunprinting, Stamp Carving, Monoprinting and Needle-Felting (by hand and by embellisher machine). There may even be some classes for children or Mommy and Me type classes sometime this summer.

Oh and before I forget, I took Hellene Vermillions Silk Painting class and I had so much fun!!!! I came home with 3 great silk pieces! I highly encourage you to take a class with her. You can find her class info on Fiber on a Whim's site as well and her blog and website there I think too.

Have a great evening! Off to the bus-stop and to gymnastics!


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