Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oops, forgot my photos on that last post

As usual, I'm too lazy (well, really just to busy, takes less time) to take actual photos and am just using my scanner, which means that I only have a portion of some of the items.

The third photo down is a scan of my last piece from my printmaking class. It is a solar plate print from a photograph my husband took of a reflection of a tree. I manipulated it digitally and printed it on a laser transparency and then made the image into a solar plate. Pretty cool process. The first picture is the original photo (credit to Dan McMahill) and the other is after I changed a few settings and made it black and white.

The other two are a small area of the silk square pieces I made in Hellene Vermillions silk painting class. It was a bit hard to get a good scan of silk and to get the colors right. But, good enough for my blog I suppose. Take her class if you can!!

Okay, back from the bus-stop (obviously) and now on to finding gymnastics outfits and a snack before heading out.

See ya!


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