Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bleeding Tissue Paper

My three year old loves playing with bleeding tissue paper. I brought back some of the pieces that Jacque Davis was using to dye fabric at Focus on Fiber. She loves ripping the pieces, cutting them, smashing them down on paper and then spraying them with water or painting them with water. Somehow she is able to come up with much better results than I. She layers on more colors than I think could possibly turn out any better than a huge muddy mess. Puts so much water on that there is a sitting pool of water in the middle of the paper. So, at first I was working on my own and she did her own. Now we do it together, so that I might learn from her free-ness with the process. We have several of these lying around and I've taken to enhancing them with colored pencil. It's great fun and as soothing if not more so than stitching. I love watching to see how different colors react to one another, next to each other, on top of one another, on top of different tissue paper dye colors. Great project for anyone looking to increase their color skills with colored pencil. Here are two different scans of sections of one of mine and Maggie's artwork. I should have taken a before colored pencil photo but of course I didn't.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Yes I to LOVE bleeding tissue paper. I am also an Artist like your 3year old I love to tear and paste use little water or soak it I have been making art off and on for the past 10 I do other mediums but love the tissue,PLEASE keep encourage her. By the way Iam 70 years young.If you would like to some of my work go to look for roger