Friday, February 27, 2009

Morning Play Dates

I've been on a better schedule lately (I'm usually a night owl) and getting up for a morning play date with myself. Some days a bit too early (yesterday was 4 am!) but it's nice to find the time when the house is quiet. I no longer seem to have the energy to work late at night as I use too.

This morning I played around with fabric painting, stamping, monoprinting. Here is one of the six small pieces I worked on. Not the best of the bunch just the one that was dry.

Too some it probably looks like a clean up rag (well, in some ways it is as when I work I hate to waste paint so I wipe my brushes on the piece I'm working on, or dry brush them clean on my fabric) but to me it looks like layers waiting to be added to, or cut up or enhanced with colored pencils. Or, maybe it was just a piece to learn more about the process. What happens if I pour water on my plexiglass after layiering on my paints? What happens if I spread by paint on with a spoon instead of a brush or a brayer? What happens if.....? Everytime I work in this free form play kind of way I discover at least one new trick to use or at least to explore more the next time I play.

Do you have a morning creative date with yourself?

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Cathy W said...

ohh, I do like this idea -- maybe when school is out, it will truly happen! (if I can't get my act together faster than that!)