Tuesday, February 19, 2008


A friend of mine came over and we played around with paints and layering. I had a ton of fun. Not sure if this is complete yet, but I was so excited with how it turned out I wanted to post the photo. As usual, I'm being lazy and just using my scanner. So, it only shows a portion of the piece and there is some shadowing from not laying flat on the scanner bed. It is on watercolor paper and we used acrylic paints, stamps, some phonebook pages. She used some magazine pages (can't wait to see her final result) for her "angel" and I used paints and my watercolor pastels. I think she is adorable. We worked with an article from Cloth, Paper, Scissors as a starting point. If you want to know the author/artist/article I can get it for you. I should post it anyway to give her credit. Anyway, on to more creating! I'm hoping to finish some projects this week!


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Jill Smith said...

I think she is so sweet and has the most peacefull face, if l had a name for me it would be Beth not a name l think of but she came straight in my mind when l looked at her.
Have you got feed burner so l could sign up for when you have new pages, l have a sign up box l don't want to miss your art. There is one l belong and l get lots of contests for art you do, do you want me to send you them,