Saturday, February 16, 2008

More Etching

I'm getting more comfortable with drypoint etching on plexiglass and here is one from a couple of weeks ago. The shadows on the paper are just from my scanner, so it's not a great representation. But, I like the image and that I was able to achieve some changes in value more successfully.

I'm also learning to enjoy the inking and printing process. I didn't have the patience for it at first but there is a rhythm to it. Sort of like when I am drawing or stitching. It's the part I don't have to think about as much and just be. You know what I mean? I think being the only one in class this week helped with that. I couldn't just talk my way through it. I paid attention.

Okay, on to a day with my family. Driving up to Dalton to let my kids play with their cousins today and to finally visit my Dad's grave in Chattanooga. I haven't been there since the funeral so I think this will be good for me.

Have a great weekend! Oh, and did I mention I'm teaching two classes at Fiber on a Whim in the next couple of months-Wet Felted Bowls and Watercolor Crayons on Fabric? I think I did, heehee, but never hurts to mention it again! It will be lots of fun. I'm really excited!!

I still hate my hair. I can't think of any way to fix such a short haircut except maybe to get braid extensions or something like that. Then I would probably feel even less like myself. Maybe die it hot pink? I don't know. I'll give it a couple of days to grow on me.

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Martha Marshall said...

Ah, I do love dry point on plexi. Keep up the great work!! And don't worry -- hair grows. But in the meantime the hot pink might be just the thing.