Saturday, February 23, 2008

Some more recent work

Hello! My creative juices are flowing so fast that I can't seem to stop them long enough to really work on one piece. I want to try so many new things and practice to get better at others while also creating completed art pieces. My mind is all abuzz. I've got bits and pieces of things laying around. I've been painting, collaging, drawing, stitching. Most are too big to fit on my scanner. Here are at least partial pics of some recent watercolor pastel drawings.

Focus. Something I wish I had it, knew how to get it. It is what I struggle with more than anything. That and completing a piece once I start it. I create a lot of art and work as much as I can on improving my skills, listening to my muses, etc. But, sticking one piece, one technique, even one medium is almost impossible for me. I get bored really quickly. Focus is something I hope to find more of in 2008. Everytime I start to set some new goals for this year, like doing more outdoor art shows, entering certain exhibits, taking certain classes, etc. I just can't figure out which way to go. I want to continue my great start in my art journey. But, how to do it?

Any of you Project Runway fans? I'm totally addicted. I've been thinking about the difference between the art and the fashion world. Whenever I hear Nina say to the designer who does the draping (Rami?) that she wants to see what else he can do and he keeps responding about staying true to his passion, etc. I think, wow, I'm just the opposite of him and what is expected of me is the opposite too. For instance, you need a consistent body of work in the art world. Galleries want to see that you can reproduce similar pieces for their clients. In the fashion world, I guess a designer is expected to keep making something new and different. And, I can't seem to stick with one medium and master it but have to keep moving around. One day I might be making felted bowls. The next day making big stitches on a painted fabric piece. the next day painting on canvas with acrylics, the next day, making plexiglas etchings or carving stamps, painting papers to collage, etc. The choices seem limitless. Anyway, starting to ramble. But I remember that I was envious of Rami and his passion and mastery of his technique and vision, but then realized that it didn't fare well for him, at least not on Project Runway with the judges.

Yesterday I visited the Alcove Gallery and Foundation One Gallery in Decatur (some of my creative juices are coming from inspiring work I saw there). I almost didn't go and thought it would be a waste of time, but it was so worth it!!! I want to go again next week!!! I've been visiting the Alcove Gallery online for about a year now so it was great to see the work of all of the artists in person. It is a contemporary somewhat outsiderish, somewhat folky kind of a place. Foundation One had artwork from one of my favorite artists, Jesse Reno, but I also discovered a new favorite, John Tindel.

Okay, here are my pics. I need to either go to bed or go back to my projects that are drying and see if I can see my way to the next steps.

Happy creating!


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Susie Monday said...

Hi Heidi
I think that your style is in the personality and look of your characters, looking at what is on your blog, This little quirky kind of narrative with the angels runs through a lot of different techniques, so I think you do have a strong consistent style.