Thursday, January 04, 2007

What I'm up to now

Hello again,

I finally finished and mailed off my entry for "She Made Her Mark" today. I've got my fingers crossed.

I've also been working like crazy on my website and will have it up by Saturday ( I can't wait to see what folks think. Please email or leave comments if you have a suggestion. After looking at it for so long it's a bit hard to tell what is working well and what is not. It may still need some tweaks but it's got all of the necessary stuff that it needs and is looking pretty good (in my humble opinion). My husband gets most of the credit and I think we could both be website publishers now after all that we have learned.

I'm still going to try and put up some old photos and new work here that is in progress.

So, here are some more pictures. A few of birthday cakes I have made for my kids. And, a couple of some recent drawings. Not sure yet if the drawings will be painted or turned into fiber art. Just having fun with pen and paper. Enjoy!

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