Monday, August 04, 2008

I'm Back!!

Both trips were great fun and relaxing. Canoeing and fishing at Bear Head Lake in Minnesota and then home to drive to Isle of Palms, SC. Managed to fit in some drawing and a few art projects with the kids and some nieces and cousins. We made dish cloths designed with Sharpies and alcohol in Minnesota and felted coasters in Charleston.

The most excited part of the trips was that my 3 year old learned to swim!!! She could do maybe one or two strokes of doggie paddles before we left but now she is a fish! She can't get enough of it and swims underwater all over the place! I was just tickled pink watching her! My 7 year old progressed quite a bit in his swimming as well. We stayed in a beautiful home with it's own pool so we spent many hours swimming in the pool and playing in the sand and waves at the beach.
School started today for my 2nd grader. Life goes back to routine now.


Martha Marshall said...

What a wonderful summer! You should be good to go for all your creative projects now. It's good to see you back at your keyboard.

My Storybook Lady said...

Glad your home!

My Storybook Lady said...

Glad you are home! Love the pics :o)