Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What I made on vacation

These are a couple of the small items I made while away on my trips. The bird is done with Pigma pen, watercolor pencils and watercolor crayons on white cotton canvas cloth. She started off with more brownish colors but I wasn't liking it and wanted more contrast with the nest so she became a green color. Probably not like any real bird. That is the problem with realism I suppose, you need to be trying to accurately represent something. I like making up flowers, birds, etc.

The felt piece was just for fun but I thought turned out rather nicely. I made a few other small items and I'll post those soon as well. As usual, these were the easily scannable (is that even a word? did I spell it right?) ones so I did those quickly. The colors on the felt piece are a little off.

Catch ya later.


Jules said...

I love both the bird and the felt piece. Lots of fun.

Mrs. Noodles said...

Your bird shouldn't have to look like a real bird - it is more interesting that you created your own species! If we wanted realism, we would stick to cameras all the time. :) Love your creativity.