Friday, March 07, 2008

Queen for the day

A recent drawing. I'm drawing lots of black and white again. My faces have changed (for now) to being more realistic. I'm working on paper collages for Virginia Spiegel's auction. I'm having fun but struggling with completing them or liking what I have completed it. Must be a growing point somehow that I need to push through. I'll get there.

I'm still missing deadlines on entering most exhibition shows and on getting applications in for art shows. I guess it just means it's not my priority right now. I do seem to be focusing more on my personal life in other ways. I'm enjoying having more time for my kids. I'm just a bit worried about stopping the momentum on a great start in my art journey. Don't get me wrong. Creativity and art are my spiritual base. I just cant' seem to get the business end going right now. On the other hand,I do feel like the 4 month mark (yesterday) after my Dad's death is a new beginning for me. That life feels like life again.

Today I taught my son's 1st grade class an art lesson and it was so much fun. The stories they have to tell in their art fascinate me (as the story is often the hardest part for me) and their creativity was inspiring. I hope I inspired them as well. I am very passionate about sharing my story with them. Letting them no that art is about breaking rules and that you aren't necessarily born with some inate talent but that it takes practice like anything else. And, that mistakes are part of the process and not to give up. Let go and just have fun. I hope I got that across to at least one of them.

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