Monday, March 31, 2008

Collage Mania

Well, I'm leaving town early in the morning for Focus on Fiber in Florida. A whole week in an artist's studio to work. No planned projects, no other responsibilities. Just time to work. I can't even fathom what it will be like. I'm trying hard to not let the guilt of the time away from home and kids and the money to go get to me. I keep telling myself it will all be fine once I'm there.

So, I've been trying hard to complete something for Virginia Spiegel's most recent fundraising event (she is the American Cancer Society fundraising queen!), Collage Mania II. Today is the deadline. I'm packing and working on another piece. I've done three for this event so far and have been happy with none. The one I"m trying to complete today seems to be headed in the same direction but I'm hoping if I actually finish it that this one will turn out in the end. I always try to push through when I'm unhappy with something. It's hard to find the balance with doing that versus letting something go no matter how much work you have put into it.

Well, here it is, incomplete, but hopefully done sometime today.

The list of techniques and materials is very long (hence, maybe the problem is that I've done too much). Here they are in the order in which they were done: inko-dye on cotton fabric, colored pencil, inkjet transparency transfer of original artwork drawn on paper then scanned, acrylic paint, pigma brush pen, spider writers, inkjet transparency, embroidery floss stitching.

Here is one of the other attempts (same theme) but all done with paper. Again, it was overdone and the main problem I had with this one is that you cannot see the angel's face very well. It is a color printout of artwork on transparency film. Here is the original piece the face came from.

Take care and have a great week!


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Jill Smith said...

Heidie, your pictures are beautifull but if l had to choose two l would say the top two but that would be like you were doing more maybe on the bottom one.
Have a lovely time, would love to do that so when l win the lottery l will pay for people to come over to go with me and you would be the first one,
Lots of love Jill xxx