Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Inko-Dye Workshop

This past weekend I took a two day course through our local SDA (Surface Design Association) group by Ray Pierotti (www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/r/raypierotti/). He is an amazing artist and an excellent teacher. The class was held in the fabulous home of another amazing artist, Leisa Rich (www.monaleisa.com). She works at the High and also teaches classes at Chastain Art Center and Callanwolde. It is such a treat to be in Leisa's space. Not only is it filled with her fabulous artwork, it is also organized, clean and clutter free! Complete with a studio space downstairs with two tables to hold about 6 students. It was so nice to have space to work in. It is a constant struggle in my own home to find a space that I can use for my art supplies much less a clear piece of table top. Anyway, it was fabulous fun and I met some other great artists. My friend and artist Hellene Vermillion was also there. Check out her fabulous work on her blog: www.vermillionart.blogspot.com. Sorry I'm in a rush, so I can't make those clickable links right now. But you should still take the time to visit all of them!!! Here's a photo of the group working on their pieces.

Inko-Dye is definitely a medium I will be adding to my materials. It's fantastic!!

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Martha Marshall said...

Oh wow, I took a 2-day workshop with Ray here in Tampa about fifteen years ago. It was wonderfully inspiring!

I loved his room dividers and window screens that he was making at the time. Thanks for his link.