Friday, January 09, 2009

It's been too long since I posted...

I got caught up in the craziness of the holidays and birthdays, but life is starting to feel a bit more like normal.

I haven't made much art lately. I did make several different kinds of ornaments for gifts, my favorite being the ones I made with photos of my Dad on silk that I then stitched onto wool felt. I forgot to take photos before I gave them to my sisters, but I still need to make one for myself and I'll take a photo when it is finished. It was a very easy project, probably 30 minutes or so start to finish. When I post the photo, I will post the instructions as well.

I also baked stollen and almond tarts. Made body scrubs and bath fizzies. Both very easy and fun. The bath fizzies were a lot of fun to make with the kids. They look like little cupcakes. I found the recipes online somewhere. Again, forgot to take photos. I don't know what it is with me and cameras. If you look at our photos from the last several years you would think I died. My husband is in every photo with the kids. And, I'm just nowhere to be found. I'm afraid my kids will think I was never around, which isn't true. I'm just not good at remembering to take photos.

Oh, and I just remembered where a lot of my creative juices went in December! My daughter's 4 year fairy princess birthday party! We had so much making fairy wands, fairy princess tiaras and of course, the fairy princess castle cake. That I do have a photo of! My daughter, son and niece had great fun sticking all of the candies on.

Right now I'm busy FINALLY finishing the stole I was commissioned for last May and working on my third Art at the Mill event for my son's school. It's coming up in just a few weeks and it's been much easier this year as I've had a great committee handling just about everything! I just get to do the fun part of finding the artists. This year we will have a basket weaver, watercolor batik artist, tapestry weaver, manga artist, dance group, guitarist, pianist (she worked with the piano teacher actress for the new Brad Pitt movie!), cake decorator, felter (myself), puppeteer, glass bead artist, balloon sculptor, junk metal sculptor, bookmaker/graphic designer and there are a few more but i"m drawing a blank at the moment. And, the kids will love the main performing group, Ritmo Blu. I spent a day watching local performing groups at a Showcase back in September and this group was by far the best and the most booked group. They are a percussion trio and they are simply amazing. I can't wait to see the kids faces as they watch them perform.

Well, back to my day. I'm finishing the stole, taking my daughter to ballet class and then home to start working on son's birthday cake for his Monster Mini Golf party (indoor, glow in the dark, mini-golf, who thinks of this stuff?) this Sunday. He wants a three dimensional Patrick cake (Spongebob's best friend).

Have a great weekend!



Carol Sloan said...

good to see you back Heidi. Sounds like you had a fun filled holiday/brithday season!

Jules said...

Your cakes are incredible! You should sell those. (And figure out how to make them gluten free so I can buy them from you!)

Do you use a pattern for the stole, or did you just do it? I mean for the base, I know you are making it beautiful and incredible and unique from your heart.

Remind me to tell you about the shop in Marietta Square that was interested in the scarf I bought from you last year.