Friday, September 26, 2008

What do cockroaches have to do with art?

Last night was the last night for my son to put together a submission for the PTA Reflections art program at his school. He is a procrastinator like his mother. He had said he wanted to enter the photography category and took several photos last night, including one of a dead cockroach in a plastic cup. Well, bedtime came quickly and there just wasn't time to put the photo together for a submission (had to be printed, but on a board or foam core, etc.). So, I couldn't resist and just had to play around with the photo myself. Not that I turned it in as a submission. I just played around with it for fun. I became, yes, obsessed with the darn thing and here is one of the results. I know have at least 20 different versions of Cockroach in a Cup. Hhm, maybe a series? I don't know. Not my usual cup of tea but then again I do like to be different and unique.

My son saw these and now wants to make his own digitally enhanced photo so one day when there is some extra time I'll show him how to use Corel Paint Pro (he has used it to make a few things before, including a magnet in my Etsy shop) to make his own Cockroach in a Cup.

I taught monoprinting today to three fabulous ladies. We had lots of fun printing, stamping and screening. I especially liked the effects they all got with gelatin printing. And, one print with a piece of yarn that really showed all the nubby little bits of yarn. We spent a good part of the time making collagraph plates to print from later in the day. Collagraph prints on fabric is probably my favorite surface design technique of late. I hope they continue to experiment and have fun letting themselves play and be creative.

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norma said...

Hi Heidi,
I was able to reset my password with blogger and now I can leave comments again. I'm not sure why that happened. Anyway, as I said in my email, it's amazing to think that a cockroach cold be so beautiful! I use Photoshop Elements and can get some of the same amazing results.