Friday, May 16, 2008

100th post! And, yippee, I finally did it!

Wow, 100 posts! I can't believe I made it to this point.

And, the yippee is because after over 9 months of not entering a juried exhibition, I got my package in the mail today for Art Quilts Lowell! They extended the deadline and I pushed it all the way to 5 pm today! I don't even care if I get in. Well, okay, I do a little bit, but my goal was to really focus on entering a show. I have had so many deadlines on my calendar that have just whooshed right by. PArt of that was a conscious choice on my part to focus more on family and get away from the stress of trying to finish pieces on a deadline. I decided to just work and if I had completed a piece in time then enter. Well, I'm not a finisher, so without a deadline really looming and real commitment to make it work, that just didn't happen. That is still my goal however. To work on my work, regardless, and then if I have the work for a show then enter. I'll keep trying.

Here is a small bit of what I entered:

I started it about a year ago and then pulled it out of my tub of half way done pieces while away on the Focus on Fiber retreat. I hand stitched it like crazy. It gives me a sense of calm and peace when I stitch by hand. I call it Free Woman Dancing in celebration of the freedom I felt while on the retreat and the glorious women I was with and the wonderful dancing that occurred. It was definitely a time of new beginnings and growth for me.

So, keep your fingers crossed for me.


Dale Anne Potter said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the 100th post!!!

LOVE the look of that pieces.......when do we get to see the whole piece?

Anonymous said...

This looks like fun and it will be nice to see the whole thing when you can show it.
I'm bad about looking at blogs and not leaving comments. Having a blog myself, I often wonder who the people are who read it (I do have a counter). It would be fun to know who they are.
So...FYI, I got to your blog from the QA list and I'm leaving a comment.

Lora Martin said...

I'm with Dale Anne, love the bit we can see and am looking forward to seeing the whole enchilada! I'm also hoping to get to the Focus on Fiber retreat one of these times - it sounds like a slice of heaven!

All best from a fellow QAm list member,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the easier to read blog.

I got to your blog from the QA list.

Margarita Korioth said...

Congratulations on the 100th post! I just started my blog. How do you have a counter?
I like your work..when are we going to see the whole piece?

regards Marga