Friday, October 05, 2007

Angels are Everywhere!!! And, new Etsy shop!!!

Hi everyone,

Well, I am totally stuck on pen and ink drawings of angels now. I shouldn't be surprised. They have been showing up in my sketch book since I first started drawing a year and a half ago. They have a very personal meaning to me. They represent my growth. I have an image that I haven't quite been able to portray artistically of an angel cradling me, I'm an adult but somehow a baby too, but if you look closely the angel is me also. I WANT it to be angel, someone else who can handle all of the pain and chaos of life. But, it can't really be, it has to be me. When you are an adult you have to learn to be the one to take care of yourself. Well, it gets more complicated than that. Maybe I can't quite get it artistically because I haven't quite gotten it in real life. Still working through it. Here are a few more.

And, I am super excited to announce that I have opened an ETSY SHOP!!!

Check it out!! I'm very excited to have a new and easy way to get my artwork out their easily and quickly. Check often because I plan to try and add an image a day.

Off to Charleston for a few days. Hope to have fun with the kids and fit in some pool side sketching time.

Take good care and do something CREATIVE today!


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Jill Smith said...

I love your angels, there is something to ook at different in each one. I have just bought a Molskin book that has the paintng paper and am trying to put something each day in it but nothing as great as yours as there fantastic but keep thinking that if pascasso and other artists used molskin books it might rub of on me.