Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oops, forgot the photos of my piece

All but about two of the fabrics were sunpainted and then some were stamped with carved images, painted, stamped with foam cut-outs, etc. There is fabric with chalices, baseball bats, golf clubs, children, the Angels logo. The minister is a big fan of all of these.


Jules said...

Heidi, this piece is incredible. It is more beautiful than I imagined when I saw the parts. A real masterpiece. I wish you could put this in the East Cobb Quilt show. It is absolutely stunning.

Can you teach me how to sunprint some time? It looks like fun! said...

That is beautiful.

Waltraud said...

Just found your blog and I really like your art!

Judy said...

that stole is absolutely gorgeous! A friend of mine's daughter is graduating from seminary in another year, and I have wanted to make her a silk stole. You've jump-started my creative juices!
It was fun meeting you in our Pamela Allen class last week. You do great work!