Friday, June 22, 2007

Commissioned piece is finished! And, happy dance for acceptance!


Hope everyone is enjoying your summer. Mine is flying by too fast! I've had a busy month and am glad to be coming to somewhat of a close on many things. I finished a commissioned piece that will be given as a gift tomorrow to my minister who is leaving my church. Here is a photo. It was made using all of the sunprinted, painted and stamped fabric from my sunprinting day a few weeks ago. I'm really pleased with it. I hope everyone in the congregation (it's a gift from the whole community) is happy with it too.

Also, I received a rejection to Art Quilts Lowell, and an acceptance (well acceptance for 1 piece and declined 2 other pieces) to the National Small Art Quilts Exhibit in Groton, NY at The Main Street Gallery. I also submitted images for a show in Dalton, GA (my home town), both their indoor exhibit and their outdoor arts festival. No word yet. I sent in 2 pieces for A World of Beauty 2007. No word yet on that one either. Wow, I've been busier than I even realized!!

In addition to all of that I helped teach a couple of days of summer art camp this week to some 5 year olds and it went okay I think. We felted some balls, did some flat felting and some sunprinting. I hope they enjoyed it. I also taught a session of my local fiber group on using watercolor crayons on fabric and paper. It was a ton of fun and I think I was able to convey at least some of how I work and achieve the results that I do. I'm thinking I would enjoy more adult teaching so if anyone is looking for someone to teach water media on fabric I'm available (wink-wink).

I've got some biostatistical consulting work that I keep trying to focus on. Hopefully the next few weeks will bring some quiet time where I can concentrate (and try to stop thinking about art!).

So, now on to a piece for August and for my Journal Quilt. Maybe even something by Friday for the East Cobb Quilt Guild. Not sure if I can make that happen. Lots of works in progress but not really in the mood to rush any to completion. We'll see. I may change my mind tomorrow. Right now I'm tired.

July we will be camping with the in-laws in Minnesota. Kids will have a blast. I will hopefully have some time to sit and stitch and sketch. Maybe a trip to Destin, FL with my family.

Had a nice little get together for my birthday this evening. Well, actually a combination bday and Youth advisor meeting for my church. It was nice to socialize. I've been pretty withdrawn with art this last year.

Well, that's all that is new for now.

Sleep well.


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Kirsten said...

Hello, Heidi,
Just dropping by and wanted to say that your commissioned piece was beautiful. I saw it when we gave it to Greg at UUMAN! Nice work.
Hope to see you Sunday,
Kirsten Moore