Thursday, February 08, 2007

Drawing again! And, my piece accepted to SMHM Too!


Well, the Art event was a huge success, thanks to so many hardworking Moms and to so many talented artists willing to share their gifts with our kids. Thank you to everyone!!!!!

I have been drawing like crazy the past couple of days and am now stuck on some more "big head" people as I call them. Unfortunately, my computer died so I don't have the ability to add them here (or to my website, but a new gallery should be coming very soon!!!!) for now.

I need to finish my Reverse Auction piece (almost done) and a piece for a QuiltArt challenge.

Oh, and I almost forgot, my big news! I had a piece accepted into the "She Made Her Mark, Too" exhibit. I'll post details on my website soon. It is a piece on Dorothea Dix.

Take care,


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