Friday, September 11, 2009

New Drawing and More Stole Photos

Hello again! I'm starting to get the hang of updating my blog again. Not so hard once you get started. I haven't drawn anything in months (since starting my job) and finally felt the urge a few days ago and picked up my pen and paper. Here is one of my recent ones. I'm sometimes asked how long it takes me to do one of my drawings. Since I draw so many little lines, they are usually from about 1 to 3 hours for a 9 x 12 such as this. Depends on the pen size. This one used a smaller pen than usual so it took about 3 hours. It still needs a little bit of work on the shadowing. I used to steal ideas (or be inspired by) from my son. Now it's my 4 year old inspiring me. I drew a circle and then gave it to her to add to and she added butterfly wings and asked "Can butterflies be circles in the middle?". I said "Why not?" and then decided to draw my own. If you are looking for inspiration, especially for something new and exciting, don't forget to look at the world through a child's eyes.

Also, I have the full length photos of the stole I just finished. Unfortunately I took photos with me wearing it and they are not my best! Nor does my clothing do anything to show off the work. Anyway, here it is. :)

And, I have to brag a bit on my 8 year old son. If any of you know what Accelerated Reader is (a program offered in many elementary schools), well, my soon reached the goal of 100 points only 6 weeks into school!! I'm sooo proud of him! The 100 point goal is an end of the year goal! He is actually at 117 and just about to take a test on another book, worth 44 points, so it won't be long until he reaches 200 points. The kids read books with certain point values and then take a test to receive the points. The program has it's good and bad issues, but he loves reading and loves reaching these goals. Way to go Miller!!!

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Knits For Needs said...

The stole is BEAUTIFUL!! I love all of your art.. you are so creative. And kudos to Miller :)