Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun with Creativity Party

I had a great time having a creativity party at my sister Mimi's house on Thursday night. We did some creative relaxation exercises and then jumped right into a mixed-media project. Everyone had fun playing with paints and mediums and then adding ephemera from my collection. Above is my step sister Candi having fun with her piece.

Here is my Mom's piece. We all thought it was funny she had a margarita glass to go with "Home Sweet Home". She added a "C" and an "N" for Carole (her name) and Nate (my step Dad). She didn't remember ever having painted. Pretty great results for a first time piece of art, huh?

Here is a photo of Becky's art piece in progress. I think it turned out great! And, Mimi's was great too!!! Most importantly they all seemed to have fun and let their inner children out to play.

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violette said...

Wow........your projects turned out great.......i love them all. SOunds like everyone had fun!

Love, Violette