Saturday, July 21, 2007

Latest work

I've been working on an idea for an upcoming exhibit with my local fiber group (Fiber Art Fusion). The exhibit theme is hope. I've been trying to come up with something for almost a year and have too many sketches and notes to even remember. The image that stuck with me is of a pregnant woman. I finally got the courage to start the piece last night (thanks to a late night sew-in with some friends, thanks!). It's coming along but I'm finding myself now obsessed with the pregnant form of a woman's body. I've started carving them today, cutting them out of foam shapes, drawing them, painting them. Here is the start of a simple sketch on a foam plate. Hopefully it will work for some printing. I find that I often become obsessed with one form. At one point it was the curves of the Yoni. Another, the simple rounded faces of my fairies. Lately, pregnant bodies, and aliens (that later, thanks to my 6 year old son).

I originally wanted to piece this art project and get back to my quilting roots. But, that will have to be another project. This one is turning out to be right in my comfort zone right now, watercolor crayons on fabric.

The exhibit will be at The Art Place in Marietta, Georgia, right next to the Mountain View Library. Opening reception is September 6th.

Have a nice evening.


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